MixPad Audio Mixer

MixPad is a multi-track mixing software package designed for professional audio production. Simply load existing audio files, or record new files into MixPad, adjust the volumes, pans, fades, add effects and mix your audio clips down to create a single high-quality audio file. It is the digital replacement of using a multi-track recorder and mixing desk.
Unlimited track mixing
Intuitive, simple graphical interface
Supports a number of file formats including wav (multiple codecs), mp3, vox, gsm, real audio and many more.
Drag and drop files easily to Mixpad
Includes a CD ripper to load audio directly from an audio CD.
Includes a high quality sound recorder which supports autotrim and voice activated recording.
Integrated with Wavepad sound editor so you can conduct advanced editing on your files without having to save your files in between.
Solo and mute tracks.
Add multiple effects to your tracks.
Mixpad is just one component of the NCH Swift Sound suite of audio software for business. If you have not done so already, why not visit http://nch.com.au to download and trial our other professional audio software packages.


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