BSR Screen Recorder (+ BSR Movie Lab) 4

BSR Screen Recorder (+ BSR Movie Lab) 4 
Bulent's Screen Recorder (BSR) captures video and images of the screen. Any portion of the screen can be selected for recording. (Full Desktop, a window, user specified region(s) or 'HandyCam') 
Records sound from various audio sources (such as microphone, speakers etc.) into your movie. BSR can record subtitles while capturing video. 
BSR has a 'WatchIt' mode that when it is selected, program automatically monitors the selected source (desktop) and records only when changes occur, otherwise pauses itself. Besides, BSR has also a 'Manual Record' function. 

User can specify the compression, size and speed of the AVI created, specify 'hotkeys' for 'record' and 'stop' buttons. Select custom mouse cursors for recording. Record mouse click displays, keystroke displays and keystroke sounds into movie. 
BSR has a Photo Studio and a Movie Studio . By using Bulent's Screen Recorder, you can more easily synchronize video and audio streams of your movies, add/mix/append audio into recorded videos, extract video parts from your movie , extract audio from your movie to a sound file, extract pictures from movie, create movie from selected picture files. You can resample AVIs by changing their speed or compression. 
You can set Bulent's Screen Recorder to be completely invisible while recording. You can set a file size limit to stop recording or can use multi file recording . 
With BSR Movie Lab, edit your movie frame by frame. Add texts, callouts, images pictures, videos, mirrors, slow downs, speed ups, transitions, effects and highlights to your movie. Prepare tutorials, software demos, presentations etc. 
With BSR MovieStudio, For adding sound into your movie you can either select an existing wave file or record your own file. Click on 'Select Audio Source' in order to select a source (Microphone, speakers, CD, Midi etc. depending on your sound card) for your audio recording.
Selected or recorded audio file can be mixed with the current sound of the video or appended or overwritten.
Volume of the video sound or audio can be increased or decreased by applying volume rates. 
Click on 'Add/Mix Audio Into Movie' button to add the specified or recorded sound file into the selected movie file. Then, you can watch the new movie by clicking on the 'Play New Movie File' button.


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